Things You Should Know Before Selling Your Home

There's always going to be those "what if" situations that we look back on and wish we'd done a little more research before investing our time and energy. For example, renovation may sound like a good idea at first. After all, wouldn't adding something new and updating a room or two, or even just a wall or two, make the worth of your home go up when it comes time to sell? While it's true that there are certain advantages, what many sellers aren't always prepared for is the added stress that deciding to renovate right before selling their home (or even while selling) may cause. For one, if you already have your house on the market and you decide to begin renovating after, you could already have a buyer before the renovations are done.

Therein lies a sticky situation of trying to work on the renovations while figuring out when and how you are going to coordinate your own move-out, assuming you are still living in the home you're selling. It really all …